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Novicell is a PPC management agency in UK and has 21 years of experience within software development and digital marketing. Novicell's PPC management agency is certified Google Partner and has helped major companies with their PPC setup & management. Thanks to positive references from clients due to our proven results our PPC agency is growing rapidly and therefore our PPC consultants keep learning and going to seminars so we always are updated on the newest PPC trends. 

Why should you use Pay Per Click advertising?

It's crucial that your brand is visible on a variety of platforms, this can be dependent on your business goals and requirements. As a PPC agency, Novicell can help to develop an effective PPC strategy whilst opting for a data-driven approach. To ensure you receive the best possible service from our PPC Management, we use data and raw facts to make informed decisions on action points. This allows for the strongest outcome, we've been doing it for 21 years after all.

The main benefits of PPC Management include:

  • Immediate traffic to your site
  • Tight control of your budget
  • Optimisations for split-testing
  • Easy to scale up or down
  • Full control over targeting and ad copy

PPC Management Services

Google Ads (AdWords)

Do you want to drive quality traffic to your website? Then you can't avoid Google Ads (AdWords); advertising in the world's biggest search engine.


Facebook PPC

Facebook receives nearly 1 billion unique visitors daily, this has resulted in Facebook becoming one of the most lucrative platforms to advertise with.


Charity PPC

Novicell is able to provide your charity with over £7000 of free PPC advertising spend, thanks to the Google Grants scheme.


Bing / Yahoo

Display search adverts on Bing and Yahoo seamlessly, Bing PPC Management provides traffic at a lower cost when compared with competitors.


Amazon PPC

Amazon's PPC platform to sponsor products is a great way to boost product sales online. Nearly half of all product searches start with Amazon.


Free PPC Audit

Novicell offers a free PPC Management auditing service, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of suggested optimisations. 

PPC Management


The initial PPC Managment setup consists of improving account organisation.


Keyword analysis, campaign optimisations and expansion.


Click Through Rate, Conversion Rate and many other Key Performance Indicators to provide a full monthly report.

As a PPC agency, we have a plan and process for the PPC management. Firstly, we conduct a PPC audit to assess current account structure, organisation and opportunities for optimisations which will increase performance whilst reducing ad spend. Once the PPC audit has been completed, Novicell provides a full report which details recommendations and proposed optimisations.

The next step in the PPC Management process is to fully optimise existing campaigns to ensure they are at peak performance, ongoing optimisations are provided as the campaigns mature to ensure the highest performance for the lowest ad spends.

Novicell Measures metrics such as Click Through Rate, Conversion Rate and many other Key Performance Indicators to provide a full monthly report. The importance of monthly reporting is to show you performance increases and see where hours are being utilised, this is to maintain the ethos that Novicell is a completely transparent PPC Management Agency.

PPC is a fast way to increase traffic, and it can be done for a small budget. However, to ensure the great wins, we recommend having an online presence where you combine both PPC management & SEO.

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