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Why is search engine optimisation important?

When users find your website, they often use Google or another search engine. The keywords being used to locate the content that you have are the words your content needs to relate to otherwise people will never reach your website.

Content Based Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to optimise the pages on a site with keywords that help your website to become visible in searches.

When we talk SEO, we operate with four basic optimisation areas:

The production of quality content/text is essential for business success with SEO in the long term. This is a key factor when thinking about inbound marketing and can make a difference, so it is important to devote resources to it.


Getting started with SEO

We have written about the most important aspects to consider when implementing SEO. Do you want to know more?

Getting started with SEO

Working Novicell with SEO

At Novicell we help you to adjust the web pages technique and content, so your rankings in the search engines improved:

  • SEO Analysis
  • Setting goals
  • Keyword Optimisation
  • Training of editors and developers
  • Focus on increased traffic and conversion rates

SEO analysis

Search engine optimisation usually starts with an SEO analysis of your existing website. Here we analyse what words users most frequently use in the specific field of study to find content.

Based on this analysis, it is possible to conduct the search optimisation for the site.

The scope of an SEO analysis ranges from a few hours of discussion to a more comprehensive and technical analysis reported in writing. We are happy to optimise your website for you.

SEO optimisation

There is no easy way to be found on search engines. SEO can be a long and rigorous process that requires time and patience, but when done correctly it provides an increases in organic traffic to your website.

We understand the importance of having an online presence, and we believe that trust is a priority when working together. Therefore, we do the job properly and in the right way.


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