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International SEO

International SEO is the process where by you shift the focus of your website from your home country to one or more additional countries. The main objective is to increase the site’s visibility on search engines in the chosen countries to increase traffic to the website.

Targeting a new market with your website is similar to expanding your whole business to a new market. With that in mind, you should not expand your website or business to a new country without first knowing why you are doing it. You need a strategy.

Spending resources and time expanding is meaningless if there is no need for your product/service in the country or if there is a superior product that you cannot compete against.

At Novicell, our international SEO strategy helps you through the whole process of expanding your business to one or several markets. We have a tested and proven process scaling businesses to several markets.

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Combining the strength of SEO & translation

Novicell has partnered up with the biggest translation companies to create a superior international SEO product. We combine the strengths in SEO and translation to create an international SEO service offering.

Demand for international SEO has seen a dramatic rise in the last year – an indicator that companies around the world want to scale their business not only by being present in different countries, but also by gaining the most traffic, sales and revenue from the customers in that market.

Competencies that ensure your international SEO success

Novicell and their translation partners have several years of experience with international SEO. We have a big customer base of international companies and are committed to further education, training and attending conferences to keep up with the biggest and newest trends in their industries. The end goal is to be competitive as the best and most skilled companies within their field.


Combining the strength

Millions of translated words every year and thousands of business customers

SEO experts with more than 18 years of experience 

Years of experience and translates to more than 175+ languages 

Helping more than 50+ companies every month with SEO growing their business

Thoudsands of industry specialised translators

Deep understanding of SEO and continually training and development

Furthermore, Novicell is a a full-service digital marketing agency so if you need to increase your digital marketing efforts in a certain country then we can help you with everything from software development, digital marketing, digital strategy, data value and digital design on a global scale.

International SEO – your benefits             

Going international with your site has several benefits, especially when using Novicell as your partner. We can consult you through the whole process as a full-service digital marketing agency which also makes it easier to control your cost and the development.

Gain a bigger customer base

Generate more traffic, leads and sales

Grow customer brand awareness

Give a competitive advantage

One partner and one total solution

Control of costs and development

Your international SEO strategy

Setting up a clear strategy for how to expand your business in current or new countries using SEO is crucial for success. Furthermore, aligning the SEO strategy together with the overall business strategy is a must to succeed with the SEO actions that you will take.

Every SEO strategy that is made at our international SEO agency is customised to the exact objectives, resources and budget of our customers and will be implemented in close relation with you.

We have created a workflow that optimises the different processes that need to be considered when going international. In the following, a default SEO strategy at our international SEO agency is shown.

1. Introduction  

Introducing the parties to each other is the first thing in the process to ensure that the relationship is good and to give Novicell a deep understanding of your business, objectives, strategy, resources, budget and potential countries you want to expand to. Novicell is more than keen to help you investigate which countries could be useful for you to expand into or validate your chosen countries.

2. Current situation

Before making a strategy, an analysis of your current situation is made using SEO and reporting tools such as Searchmetrics, SEMrush and Google Analytics.

This analysis will investigate:

  • How visible you currently are in the respective country.
  • How many keywords you rank for and the position of these.
  • Your current traffic level, the development in the traffic and which pages actually drive traffic.
  • Competitor analysis looking into both the keyword and backlink gap between you and your biggest competitors in the respective country.

With a clear understanding of your strategy, objectives and current situation, Novicell is able to set up KPIs. Your ultimate objective is mostly to increase leads, sales and profit, however a lot of measures can indicate if you are moving the right way. At Novicell, these five measurements are the most common ones to investigate:

  1. SEO visibility
  2. Rankings and their development
  3. Traffic to website
  4. Traffic to most visited pages
  5. Conversion rate

3. Technical evaluation

Novicell will analyse your website in regards to best practice technical SEO, international SEO and performance. In the technical evaluation, Novicell investigates if your site is healthy and functions optimally.

Furthermore, we’ll look into tracking programs, such as Google Search Console, to reveal technical issues that will need to be addressed.

The reason why the technical evaluation is done early on, is because it does not make sense to translate your content focusing on SEO if your website does not function optimally.

4. Market research

Novicell investigates the market(s) you want to expand your organic presence in. There is a big difference in the way that people in Germany search for your product compared to how people in the UK search for your product. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct market research for every country you want to expand into and to understand how your target audience in that specific country searches for your product.

5. Validation

Novicell performs validation of the keyword data to understand which keywords are most searched for across categories and which keywords are most suitable for your business to rank for in relation to search volume and accuracy.

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6. Keywording

Novicell investigates the most relevant keywords for your business. When these are found they are used as ideas for the keyword research in the chosen countries where Novicell, in the end, will create a list of 500-600 relevant keywords.

7. Shortlist

Novicell will together with the translation experts condense the keyword list into the most relevant keywords for your business, i.e., those keywords that generate the highest traffic.

8. Translation / implementation

The translation of your content and implementation part of the chosen keywords is flexible and can be performed depending on your wants and resources.

We are aware that some companies have in-house translators or already have a partnership with a translation company, which is fine. At the implementation part, Novicell can work together with your translation company, freelancer or in-house translator to implement the chosen keywords in the different best practice SEO factors.

The benefit of using Novicell’s translation partner to translate your content and or implement your keywords is because we have a tested and proven process that speeds up the procedure and therefore decreases the cost of your solution.

9. Reporting 

Novicell has made an international SEO dashboard that makes it easy for you as a global marketing manager to understand the results achieved by the actions taken.

The dashboard includes a global dashboard with all the countries you are operating in and a local dashboard for each individual country where you can dive into the reasons for increases or decreases in rankings, traffic and sales.

The process of making the dashboards are separated into three phases:

  1. Phase 1 is a default setup with data from Google Analytics and SEMrush.
  2. In Phase 2, Novicell customises the dashboard according to your objectives. This is done by having a workshop (three to four hours).
  3. Finally, in Phase 3, we expand the dashboard into further countries as you increase your scope.

Integration of SEMrush 

To keep an eye on the countries in which you want to operate, we use SEMrush. SEMrush is an SEO tool and it shows you potential errors and quick wins in relation to keywords and content.

Via SEMrush, Novicell can follow changes in your website and find optimisation opportunities.

International SEO case study

Our international SEO product has created results in several countries. In the following, a case study with Proshop, a Danish retailer of electronic and IT related products to both consumers and companies, is shown.

The market for electronic goods is harder than ever to break into and competition all over the world is fierce.

Proshop was already present in Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden but the organic traffic from key search queries was to low due to low rankings in search engines.

Novicell’s solution

  • Technical evaluation and fixes of important SEO factors for all sites.
  • Market research of specific search terms in each country.
  • Optimisation and implementation of keywords in content and other SEO factors.
  • Link building across countries.

These optimisations created the following results:


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