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Maintaining a website requires a clear focus and dedicated resources. You need to consider SEO, conversion rates, performance, user experience and quality assurance of content. It’s difficult to find the low-hanging fruits that give quick wins, and the longer-term bets that give a correspondingly high output. It’s even harder to do it on your own. Therefore, we recommend Siteimprove.

The Siteimprove tool points you to specific optimisation areas on your website and describes how difficult it would be to solve and how much value the fix would create. With some simple dashboards, you get a visual overview of your website data. It’s an easy and clear way to determine what actions will provide the most value.

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Siteimprove gives your site a total score and optimisation proposals based on 3 focus areas:

Siteimprove - Accessibility score

The score provides an overview of accessibility challenges for users with, for example, poor eyesight, colour blindness or dyslexia, and suggests how to address these challenges.

It is about structuring content, correct marking and descriptive text of headers, images, content and links.

Siteimprove - Quality Assurance score

Ensures high quality content on your website by finding misspellings, dead links, poorly structured content and oversized images.

It increases the credibility of your brand and the usability of the website.

Siteimprove - SEO score 

Gives you tips for search engine optimisation of your website. You can do technical SEO analysis, research keyword performance and benchmark against competitors.

There is also a content analysis tool that crawls landing pages for selected keywords and ensures that texts meet the best SEO practices

Siteimprove Analytics

Siteimprove Analytics provides access to intuitive dashboards that can be tailored to your needs. There are reporting options designed for CMOs and editors and everyone in-between, giving the entire company an overview of what works and what doesn’t. With Siteimprove Analytics it’s easy to analyse user behaviour and apply filters to clarify whether specific campaigns or site optimisations have led to positive results. Here is an overview of some of the benefits of using the Siteimprove Analytics tool.

Analyse your web data in Siteimprove

In Siteimprove Analytics, you have the opportunity to set up personal goals to track in your business or department. This makes it easy and straightforward to monitor specific goals, whether you want to know more about your customers' behaviour, traffic sources or simply which campaigns work best for the website.

Track your conversion process in Siteimprove

Do your customers ever lose interest before making a purchase? Siteimprove helps you find poorly performing pages, so you can decide whether to optimise them or navigate the customer to another page instead. It can increase your conversion rate if you fix weak links in your customers' journeys through your site, so you can better guide them toward a purchase or other conversion. 

Track what your customers see with Siteimprove

See how your customers navigate your website. Get a visual tool with click coordinates and scrolling patterns so you know where the customer is clicking the most on your various pages. You can also get an overview of what your customer sees on a page first and what they don't see at all.

Get a better understanding of the customer journey with Siteimprove

How do your customers get from A to B on your website? Get insight into your customers' journeys on your website. When content and design improve, it can greatly affect the user experience.

Siteimprove GDPR

The tool that automatically finds personal data on a site:

  • Domains and IP Address Maps – a complete list of domains, subdomains and IP addresses that may belong to your organisation
  • Universal Search – finds data on EU citizens who want their data deleted
  • Cookie report – keep your privacy policy updated by tracking your own cookies and third-party cookies
  • GDPR Policies – Establish your own security and data protection policies
  • User Actions Log – document efforts to meet the GDPR management requirements and relevant authorities with a detailed record of your team's actions in the GDPR module

Read more about Siteimprove's GDPR program

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