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The world is becoming more and more digitised. This affects your customers, their behaviour and their expectations. It also affects your company's business. But how? That's what Novicell's strategy department will find out. We make your company's digitisation a strength for your business by answering key questions: 

  • Where is the company currently challenged, and where can it make a profit?
  • What are your customers' expectations when they do business with you?
  • How can a digital channel best support the overall goal of these expectations?


We have a number of products that ensure you explore your company's digital potential to the maximum

Digital business strategy

We digitise your global business strategy and help you achieve your company's potential by focusing on your customers and your markets, as well as your company's own value chain and processes.


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Strategic pre-analysis

If you need a new web solution, the pre-analysis determines how the solution can best add value to your customers and business, including the required content, functions and flows.


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What is the most important goal for your digital channel? How much do you need to prompt them? Where should you intervene to optimise the channel's performance? We help you find the answers and get your KPIs set up the right way.


Inspiration workshop

With an inspiration workshop, the company's key people can focus on and discuss the company's digital development and its success within its digital channels. We provide inspiration and recommendations based on your specific business reality.

Customer journey

A customer analysis gives you an insight into how customers are experiencing their company and products across all contact points. You also have the opportunity to work strategically and operationally on improving customer experience and creating a cohesive customer journey.


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Digital channel strategy

With a digital channel strategy, we ensure that your contact points with customers generate the greatest possible business value.

Strategic sparring

We provide sparring at management and board levels on digitising the company's strategy and on what the organisational and competitive requirements are to succeed.

Many years' experience

Novicell's strategic consultants have accumulated many years' experience within digital business and management. This means that we have extensive knowledge about the challenges and opportunities you as a company face, both in relation to your customers, but also internally within your organisation.

Novicell has been a breath of fresh air and has brought new energy into the digital process. In developing the strategies, Novicell has used a consistent method that has made the process clear and tangible for the entire organisation.

Henri Brorson, digital chef, Krifa

Article series

5 steps to digital transformation

According to Forbes, 84 % of companies do not succeed with their digital transformation. 

Why is there such a big gap between the intention to utilise digital opportunities and the actual execution and desired results? Digital Strategy Manager, Heidi Collin gives her views.

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Many years of experience with digital business and management

Novicell's strategic consultants each have many years of experience in digital business and management. This means that we have a high level of knowledge about the challenges and opportunities that you face as a business - both with customers and internally.


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