Customer Journey

Developing your business based on customers' needs and experiences

What is a Customer Journey?

A Customer Journey is about mapping each step your customers take, from discovering their need to choosing you as a supplier and until they leave you again. We examine each step to see what the customers do, think and experience while in contact with you, your products and your services.

What do you get from working with Customer Journeys?

A Customer Journey is an effective analysis tool that gives you the chance to see your performance from the outside, and from a customer perspective. You also get a real picture of your customer experience. Meanwhile, the many customer insights provide a wealth of ideas for optimising and innovating your communication, products and services.

You gain:

    • Insight into your customers' needs and their experience of your company
    • Insight into how well your channels interact with each other
    • A unique foundation for spotting areas for improvement that can raise the customer experience
    • The chance to design a cohesive customer journey that creates loyal customers

Novicell's method will successfully lead you through the following 5 steps

1. Clarification of scope and goals

  • What do you want to achieve with the Customer Journey process? Are there specific goals you want to move?
  • How many target groups do you need to prepare Customer Journeys for?
  • Should the process initiate measures across the entire business or just in one channel?

2. Mapping the steps in your Customer Journey

  • Together we provide our best proposal of a specific Customer Journey for the chosen target groups, step by step and based on your existing customer knowledge.
  • Customers then check our proposal on the mapped Journey - do they recognise the steps?

3. Data collection

  • We collect existing knowledge in the organisation about customers' experiences.
  • Other analyses (qualitative and quantitative) are scheduled and implemented. These could include data from Google Analytics combined with customer interviews or focus groups.
  • The data collected about customer experiences is linked to each step of the customer journey.

4. Designing your future Customer Journey

  • The insights about the customer experience, as it stands today, are put together in a visual presentation to show you where you are performing well, and where you're not performing so well.
  • We then design your wishes for the future Customer Journey and plan which steps you should prioritise to improve customer experience.

5. Planning specific measures

  • A brainstorming workshop gives us plenty of specific ideas for improvement measures and innovation projects that could achieve the wishes for the future Customer Journey.
  • Finally, these measures are prioritised and detailed and a business case is prepared for the entire process.

The chosen measures are then implemented and the effect is measured and evaluated on an ongoing basis.


When is it relevant to work with Customer Journeys?

A Customer Journey process provides valuable insights into your customers' needs, expectations and challenges and therefore makes a great platform for your future:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Omnichannel and Marketing Automation Strategy
  • Innovation processes and development of products and services
  • Working with content
  • Developing a new website and general optimisation of the digital channel

We create business based on your customers

Novicell's strategy consultants have many years' experience in digital business. We are here to create value for your business - but always do it based on your customers' situation and needs.
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