Digital Business Strategy

The world is becoming increasingly digitised, and this affects all industries and all types of customers.

The companies that succeed are those that actively exploit digital opportunities and who can relate to what these opportunities mean for their strategy, business models, customer interaction, data, processes, systems and organisation.

Novicell helps your company digitise your overall business strategy, so you can exploit your potential in the new digital reality.


A structured methodology that increases your business

 Our approach ensures that, together with you, we identify the digital efforts that best achieve your overall business goals. Based partly on your customers and the market and partly on your internal processes and value chain, we uncover:

  • The challenges and opportunities, as well as the unexploited potential that can increase your business.
  • Your ambitions and the strategic focus and specific initiatives you need to achieve your potential.
  • What resources, processes, technology and organisation you need to succeed.
  • The costs, the financial benefit, and the KPIs you need to measure against.

Finally, we provide help for ongoing progress in and optimisation of strategic initiatives.

Our work with Novicell isn't just about fixing some buttons to our existing platforms. We want to think digitally on several levels in the customer journey to better support our overall strategic goals.

Iben Sell, Digital Project Manager at KIWI

Many years of experience with digital business and management

Novicell's strategic consultants each have many years of experience in digital business and management. This means that we have a high level of knowledge about the challenges and opportunities that you face as a business - both with customers and internally.

Why choose Novicell as your digital business strategy agency

  • In-house customer journey consultants
  • 21 years of experience
  • Knowledge sharing between departments so you always get the best results
  • Strong knowledge through skilled customer journey consultants with many years of experience
  • Main focus on value-added services for our clients
  • Rock solid methods within all departments
  • Fact-based decisions
  • Long-term client relations
  • Technology agnostic


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