Strategic Analysis

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Are you about to redesign or develop a new web solution? Then you need to ensure that the new solution supports your business as best as possible. The first step towards a successful solution is serious preparation.

A good preliminary analysis will help you ...

    • clarify how the new web solution creates the greatest value for both your customers and your business,
    • set the KPIs that you need to make the solution a success,
    • prioritise the content and functions that can affect the KPIs positively,
    • and down-prioritise those points on the wish list that aren't worth the effort.

A methodology that ensures the right decisions

Novicell has number of specific methods and tools that help you make the right decisions about focus and investment in the solution - both before, during and after the actual development. This method ensures that ...

    • we clarify how the web solution will contribute to the business's overall strategy and goals,
    • we get an insight into your customers' expectations and user journeys, so that the web solution supports your needs and breaks down any barriers in each step of the journey,
    • we create a prioritised plan for the necessary content parts, functions and flows in the solutions, so that designers and developers have the best possible point of departure,
    • we ensure that the right resources, skills and technology are available,
    • you have the right conditions to regularly measure and optimise the solution's performance after launch.

Many years' experience in digital business and management

Novicell's strategic consultants have accumulated many years' experience within digital business and management. This means that we have extensive knowledge of the challenges and opportunities you face as a company - both in front of customers and inside your organisation.
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