Enterprise E-commerce Platform

Digitise your business

E-commerce is our speciality

Novicell's Enterprise E-commerce Platform is designed for large companies such as Power and companies with huge online stores. The concept is a complete implementation solution with your business in the center.

We start with a feasibility and needs analysis, and the final product is a complete enterprise e-commerce platform that supports your existing business processes and your business model.

Take ownership of your business

The large 'prepackaged' e-commerce software products on the market are built with one business model in mind but all businesses are different, and therefore a shelf product could only be compressed to a certain limit to support your particular setup and meet your business needs.

We have extensive experience in delivering exactly this type of solution for large e-commerce companies.

We put together your e-commerce platform to match your company's ambitions and needs.

Novicell's enterprise e-commerce platform is built to handle large amounts of traffic and orders


On the day of launching Power's web shop they saw a significant increase in both traffic and turnover - in the new store as well as on the web shop.


Danish Kr. in sales in the store


Danish Kr. in reaction to the web shop


Web visits on POWER.dk

17 August 2015

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With Novicell's enterprise e-commerce implementation model, you get a platform that digitises and optimises your business


The business concept is modular, so the company's core systems can be integrated and become part of the setup. That means free choice of CRM, PIM, DAM, ERP, CMS, etc., Therefore, the system logic and master data can be positioned as desired.


System Logic and master data positioned as desired, the subsystems can be replaced, and the system is extended as required. The platform can be extended with additional systems for maximising capacity or function expansion, and the individual subsystems can be changed and upgraded as needed.


An e-commerce platform is essential to your business. Our platform is a quality control system in operation for a number of solutions Power and many other companies.


The platform is set up to support your established business processes and the systems and logic you already use within your business.

License Freedom

The platform is unlicensed and you have ownership of the product and change it and develop it as you wish, when the solution is live.


Our platform is high performance, provides fast load times and can handle many simultaneous visitors.

Project management

We work with agile development methods and the best project management tools . You can always keep track of how development proceeds between status meetings, so there is full transparency throughout the project. In this way we ensure the timeline together.


The platform is the visual expression you want. We can deliver it in your company's existing visual identity, or make it flexible, so you can build subdomains for your different brands. Finally, you can also give partners access to a subsite with their own branding in a white label solution.

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