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How we work with E-Commerce

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Freedom to choose

We always start a new project based on core issues that the customer is aware of, and which they can't solve with their existing E-Commerce platform. It might be that the platform isn't scalable enough about the company's growth ambitions, or that the growing product catalogue negatively impacts speed and performance.

There's rarely just one problem that needs solving, which is why we have created an entire section that provides an in-depth view of our customer experiences, our approach, and how we resolved their issues. This is where you are now and at the bottom of this page, you'll see an overview of some of the options we can incorporate into an enterprise E-Commerce platform.
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Develops your business

Common to all solutions we provide is that we are technology-independent and solutions-oriented. It's irrelevant to us whether your ERP system is SAP, AX, NAV or something else, or whether you prefer a particular CMS over another. What matters to us is that the product supports your needs as a business and can eliminate those challenges that we think you will come across shortly. This means that we don't see ourselves as technology suppliers, but as a partner to your organisation, here to develop your business.
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Value-creating Processes

We have built a user-friendly website as part of our enterprise E-Commerce solution. However, the real value for our customers is found in the many jobs that the overall system can do for their company. Automated order flows, automated marketing efforts, digitised offline processes, compliance with the latest legislation on data protection and much more - our E-Commerce solution can handle all of these.

Challenges, approaches and solutions 

Behind the links below, is a description of some of the challenges our customers have experienced, and how we approached and resolved them. There's plenty of knowledge to gain here when developing your business or choosing your new e-commerce platform.

About the set-up

Our enterprise E-Commerce solution is built into a robust framework that can define the roles for the different software solutions in your E-Commerce platform.

Our approach allows us to create a scaleable set-up based on best-in-class software within specific areas of your business. This means you're free to choose the software that best handles your CRM, ERP, CMS, PIM, DAM and BI needs.

You can also define which systems own which data (master data management) and which systems can start which processes (flow of control).

This degree of freedom means that our Enterprise E-Commerce platform can be integrated into your existing business critical set-up and that you can connect several software solutions later or replace any software that no longer meets your business needs.

Want to hear more about Novicell's Enterprise E-commerce solution?

You can read more about the possibilities of our Enterprise E-Commerce Platform on this site, but you are also welcome to contact me.

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