Hosting and Support

Solid hosting setup and accessible technical skills ensure the daily operation

Novicell takes responsibility for your entire operation. This means that you can always call our dedicated service and support teams and get any problems resolved without having to determine whether the problem is due to hosting or the developed code. In this way, no customers are sandwiched between multiple providers.

Server hosting is all about your website's operation and data security. It is fundamental and important to your business. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures that all Novicell's customers get quick answers to their enquiries and critical errors solved immediately. Security and surveillance solutions are of course also part of the agreement.

Our two support teams are ready to help

The two teams are working closely with Novicell's other competencies in web development and online marketing for optimum performance of your digital platform. In this way, we provide a 360-degree setup for daily operation and ongoing development.

Hosting Team

We monitor your web solution and ensure the proper functioning server setup, so you can focus on your business while we take care of the technical issues.

Support Team

We handle the operation of the solution and maintain the software application. This means that you always have frontend and backend developers ready to help - regardless of any questions and problems that arise.

Support and Service Team

  • CMS backend support
  • Quick response around smaller tasks
  • Quick fix on critical bugs

Development and Staging Servers

  • Staging servers for testing prior to commissioning
  • Development server for development

Code Storage and documentation

  • Cases are managed and history archived via Fogbugz
  • Version control and management of code via Kiln

Security Updates

  • Patching of operating system
  • The security update of CMS

Own System

  • Adjust your setup regardless of data center
  • Supplement your IT department