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NetSec is a department in Novicell with experts from software development, operation and testing. With experience of over 500 complex software solutions, Novicell knows where to find the problems. We have the right composition of skills and experience to help every organisation with IT setup. Here, we can use our knowledge from our different departments in Europe with more than 260 proficient employees with wide experience in IT and business development.

We can identify vulnerabilities and errors within IT and repair weaknesses in both software and hardware to make your business resistant to cyber attacks.

Status of UK companies’ cybersecurity

  • The volume of online cyber-attacks on UK businesses more than doubled in 2019. It is estimated that UK businesses are hit by cyber attacks every 50 seconds.
  • 31% of micro and small businesses, 60% of medium firms and 61% of large firms have identified breaches or attacks according to Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019.
  • Among those identifying breaches or attacks, 25% of medium firms and 20% of large firms have these at least once a week.
  • The average annual costs for medium and large businesses that lost data or assets after breaches were £9,270 and £22,70 respectively. The average cost for small businesses was £3,650.
  • The mean cost of the single largest incident was £103,060.
  • There was a sharp increase in data theft, extortion, fraud and sabotage.
  • Two major points of concern for businesses are DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks or hijacking and sabotaging of the company’s operational technology which disrupts key business processes.

The main reason for cyber attacks are flaws in the maintenance of the website. The number of attacks, their size and the related costs are all strongly increasing. Therefore, cybersecurity is a significant factor for a company to focus on.

Novicell’s Cyber Security products

Condition report

Novicell NetSec’s condition report can be compared to the well-known condition report in the housing market which is for the purpose of evaluating the building’s condition.

Our condition report evaluates the quality of the written code on your website, recapping your website actual condition, clarifying errors, their size, importance and order of priority.

This contains, for example, an analysis of how maintenance-worthy, well-documented and secure your code is.

The condition report is a necessity to identify your threats, stop them in advance and have the possibility of repairing your current solutions.

Pen test

Pen test (Penetration test) is a deeper investigation of where we find the cracks in your ‘house’ and testing the wall’s resistance. NetSec’s pen test is a part of the ongoing risk assessment of your website security. The pen test is an approved, simulated and controlled attack on your website or the network that you are connected to. The test’s purpose is to detect vulnerabilities that can be used in a real attack to gain access to your data, systems and IT infrastructure.

We consider which tools you should use to fix the cracks in your ‘house’, so we can start building up resilience.

For the initial pen test, the report should secure a strong and updated logging system in order to repair your website’s IT security.

No software is bulletproof and new vulnerabilities are identified continuously. The ongoing pen test will challenge your system, so your IT architecture and security are kept up to date.

Full Service

Full Service is our most comprehensive safety performance and can be compared to security guards coming to your house if an unwelcome guest arrives.

If an incident occurs (every threat can be kept out), Full Service is your security guarantee, and the first responder to where your system or network has been exposed to a break-in.

Full Service functions as an online service agreement in a three-part safety net that includes logging, hack response and forensics.

  • Logging contains ongoing monitoring of your website and suspicious behaviour.
  • Hack response is your lifeline if the unwelcome guest penetrates your system.
  • Forensics is the same as good old detective work. Here all questions are answered: What was the goal? How did they come in? How far did they go? What did they take?

Full Service is a well-documented security guarantee that rectifies your current solution. When then incident happens for your company, we will help you get safely through it.

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