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Lead Management Guide
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PPC & SEO - what’s the difference?
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Novicell's International Conference Comes to London

After nine years of bringing the Danish digital community together, Novicell is hosting its first Business Online conference in London this Autumn. The all-day conference will take place on 22 April 2022, and not only will there be great speakers, but also delicious food, networking opportunities, business inspiration and an afterparty to end the conference on a high.

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Novicell Delivers Best Result in 22 Years

Novicell is coming out of 2019 with the best result ever. Operating profit has doubled compared to the previous year, and a new international branch is on the way.

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How COVID-19 Is Changing Population Mobility According to Google Reports

On 3 April, 2020, Google released a set of reports on how COVID-19 is affecting mobility worldwide. The objective that Google pursues with these reports is to help health institutions and authorities understand and identify insights about how the population is moving in different countries.

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Top Tips for Adapting to Online Workshops

Many of us are currently facing the challenge of turning meetings and workshops that were planned to happen in person, into digital ones. Like many others, we have had to adjust quickly to the new circumstances caused by COVID-19, and in this article, we give you our best takeaways based on our very first online workshop with the investment management company and our client, 7IM. 

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UX and usability: what’s the difference?
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Busting Five UX Myths
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Safe Migration: From Sharepoint to Sitecore

Microsoft announced in 2015 that they would drop the public website from SharePoint Online and Office 365 platforms. Learn how to use Sitecore instead.

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Beginner's Guide to Video Marketing

Beginner's guide on Video Marketing. Learn how to create optimal video marketing strategies that boost your business, and why video marketing is the most effective marketing strategy today.

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