Josefine Meinert Pedersen

Josefine Meinert Pedersen

Digital Marketing Manager

Josefine is a graduate of digital concept development and multimedia design and has the primary responsibility for Beneath's visibility. This involves coordinating and compiling content for the blog, social media, newsletters and Previously, she worked as a study assistant in the same department, also with the primary focus on marketing. She is used to having multiple tasks to complete but always has a smile to offer.

Concept development skills are used in small online concepts on social media. Josefine also works with various graphic solutions in Beneath, for example, web advertisements and newsletters. She has a penchant for storytelling and gamification, which reflects in her online marketing messaging.

In addition to the passion for her subject, she devotes a lot of time to music; she is always ready for a game of table tennis and is a funny individual.

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