Selecting CMS

Most of our online solutions are based on a CMS.

Selecting CMS

A CMS (Content Management System) is used to manage the contents of a webpage. Most of our online solutions are based on a CMS.

When you find a CMS that is best suited to your needs, it is important that the system can support the business processes in your company and create growth. It is therefore important to establish the specific needs of the system to meet.

At Novicell, we traditionally conduct a needs analysis, when we start up a project with a new customer. We have over the years conducted analysis based on the specific needs and identified the various options and use it to issue a recommendation. Some parameters that you especially should take into account when selecting a CMS system are:

  • The number of simultaneous users
  • The number of developers on the platform
  • Modules and standard functionality
  • Options for integration
  • Licensing Structure

The choice of CMS system has far-reaching and often long-standing consequences. So it is crucial to make the right choice the first time. Therefore, the cost of a needs analysis is well spent. It may sound unbelievable - but in just a day or two, we can get very far with a workshop.

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Novicell is CMS-independent

We take the starting point in the company's real needs and resources to select a platform. The goal is to optimise the business - and it does not always mean the most advanced solution.

We are not dedicated to one particular CMS, but we primarily develop solutions on the following platforms.

With more than 18 years of experience, we are well versed with the different platforms advantages and disadvantages. 

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