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Drupal is one of the world's most widely used Open Source CMS and is the core of the entire 12% of the world's top 100,000 websites - measured by the amount of traffic.

Drupal CMS is a sustainable and future-proof online platform.

Drupal's Content Management System works especially well for content-rich websites with high traffic but is also an excellent platform for small solutions. In both cases, you get high usability and a scalable solution that can grow as your business does.


Open Source CMS

With open source, you do not pay expensive licenses for the software - only for the development time. The code is freely available, and therefore you are committing not to a particular developer but can change supplier at any time.

The worldwide community has created a host of modules that can be built on top of the core. Therefore, you get a flexible, high-quality site that can be customised to your needs.

E-commerce and integration

Among the more than 35,000 developed modules are several dedicated Drupal e-Commerce modules like Drupal Commerce. You can therefore safely choose one Drupal solution for your web shop, as both platform and modules are tested and used in several major solutions. 

The system is widespread, so language versioning and integration with your other systems and databases are standard, and it reduces the potential challenges. 

Novicell as Drupal development company

  • 17 years experience with PHP (programming language that Drupal uses)
  • Dedicated Drupal department
  • Developing competencies, online marketing experts, design and support team in the same house
  • Close dialogue with the Danish Drupal community via drupal.dk that is driven by Novicell

    At Novicell, we start with your business model, so we are sure that you get the most out of your web solution. Are you considering switching to Drupal, we will be happy to provide you with a free demo of the system.

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