One platform that gives you the power to offer the best possible commerce experience

E-commerce doesn’t have to be complex. That is why Dynamicweb have created the ‘best of suite’ approach they call Dynamicweb eCommerce Suite. It enables product companies (B2B and B2C) to deliver better digital customer experience and to scale e-commerce success through their content management, digital marketing, e-commerce and Product Information Management solutions – all in one platform.   

With Dynamicweb, you choose e-commerce simplicity. You reduce complex integrations between your CMS, e-commerce, PIM and Digital Marketing, and you can launch your e-commerce site and project quicker, at lower cost. This is an approach that well over 4,000 customers, 300 partners and 200 colleagues at Dynamicweb believe in and has driven considerable success to many Dynamicweb customers.

5 reasons to choose Dynamicweb

A unified, all-in-one e-commerce suite

Many standard functionalities that help you get started, e.g. with e-commerce

Wide selection of optional modules that are ready to build on

Integration with underlying business systems 

Good for language versioning and handling multiple websites in the same solution

Novicell is a specialist in Dynamicweb integrations for your business systems

Integrations for Microsoft Dynamics out of the box or tailored to your specific needs

Dynamicweb, with its many systems gathered in one software package, is ideal for integrating your other systems. Over the years, we have delivered a number of tailor-made integrations for all possible systems, but Dynamicweb has, for a number of years, invested in developing standard integrations for Microsoft's Dynamics business systems. 

This applies to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics AX, as well as Microsoft Business Central, formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV. That makes Dynamicweb an obvious choice if you run a Microsoft Dynamics stack. 

In Novicell's Dynamicweb team, we regularly meet companies that are struggling to make all these integrations to third-party systems work smoothly, often because the integration tasks are more complex than the company's existing web provider has the skills to handle. 

Trusting collaboration on business-critical processes 

The more digital your company is, the more your website will function as a central nervous system in collaboration with customers and other stakeholders. 

That creates a need to present product information, prices and promotions in a well-designed interface with lightning-fast data flows that can show real-time data from third-party systems such as PIM, ERP and CRM. It requires good architecture and good integrations between the systems. 

Scale your e-commerce success through powerful B2B and B2C commerce experiences  

Simplify your e-commerce strategy by managing multiple shops and product data touchpoints all from one easy-to-use solution. Raise conversions, simplify complex B2B and B2C business processes, develop your business relations, increase your bottom line and service your customer through all channels with personalised experiences.   

  • Flexible and fast to launch  
  • Reduce complexity and handle multiple shops  
  • Enhance the product experience 
  • Stable and reliable 

Dynamicweb PIM – Product Information Management system 

Take control of your product information and increase your online sales 

A PIM system aims to create a single source of truth for your product data. It’s a solution that ensures high quality product data that you distribute between Dynamicweb and your other channels. It enables you to drive better, more efficient internal processes across departments, and ensures that accurate and rich product information is available to your customer across the channel of their choosing. 

  • Reduce time to market 
  • Access more potential customers throughmarketplaces and organic traffic  
  • Convert browsers into customers with rich product data 
  • Localise product information and be compliant across borders 

Attract new customers and deliver the best commerce experience that will keep them coming back for more 

The foundation to offer better digital customer experiences and scale your e-commerce success can be found in the Dynamicweb Digital Marketing solution. Not only can you apply behaviour-based marketing automation in the form of email automation or personalisation, but as you have your whole e-commerce environment in one platform you can also use product information, browsing behaviour and offline customer touchpoints to offer the best possible customer experience and convert prospects into lifetime customers.  

  • Get a complete 360° view of each prospect and customer 
  • Offer the right message or product at the right time and on any channel or device
  • Utilise your product data to drive the best possible SEO and get more organic traffic 
  • Easy dashboards that show you what drives success and what doesn’t 

Are you looking for a new development partner for your Dynamicweb platform? 

It is easy to change your Dynamicweb partner

Switching partners on a Dynamicweb platform is simple. Your website is developed on a standard platform and often hosted by Dynamicweb. Therefore, you just need to sign a partner change declaration and then the solution can be transferred to Novicell's development team within a week.

Before we get that far, however, it is recommended to have a review of your website's source code, so that you have Novicell's assessment of the website's condition before making a decision to change partners. It can be compared to the home condition report when buying a property.  

You will also, at this point, meet the team, who will be your contacts in everyday life. In addition to competencies, a partnership is also about chemistry, and it is important to have mutual trust so that the collaboration feels right as we develop your business.

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Ege Carpets

For more than 80 years, the Danish company, Ege Carpets, has supplied quality carpets to buildings all over the world. Today, Ege Carpets is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of quality rugs and sells carpets primarily for hotels, office buildings, shops, shopping centres and institutions.

When Ege Carpets in 2019 decided to create a new website, Ege Carpets chose a Dynamicweb solution, which is built and designed 100% according to Ege Carpets’ wishes. Since launching the new website, the number of clicks on the ordering page has increased by 250 % and the growth in clicks from organic searches has increased by 203 %.

Read the full case study here

Spaldings & Central Spares

With more than 60 years of industry experience, Spaldings are one of the UK and Ireland’s leading specialists in agriculture, groundcare, industrial and forestry. They supply tools, consumables, replacement parts and machinery to thousands of customers, earning a reputation for comprehensive service, exceptional quality and reliability. In 2015, Spaldings merged with Central Spares.

Spaldings asked Novicell for help with the future maintenance and development of their two web solutions — Spaldings and Central Spares. 

Read the full case study here

Premium Solution Partner 

Novicell is a certified Dynamicweb Premium Solution Partner which shows how much experience we have with the CMS. As a Dynamicweb Premium Solution Partner, we are able to talk directly with Dynamicweb's own developers and can affect how future solutions should look. This expertise makes us a competent development partner if you are considering Dynamicweb as a CMS. 

Dedicated development team - ready to help​

Novicell has a development team with 15 certified employees, all working exclusively with Dynamicweb.

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