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Novicell Premium is Novicell’s best practice. A plug and play website solution that adapts to your brand

Choose the perfect

web solution for you

... and watch your company grow in it


There are a huge number of platforms that allow you to easily create a website. However, if your company or organisation wants a solution that can accommodate your growth, you need a solution tailored specifically to you. 

Novicell has built web solutions for more than 21 years, and we have put together a package with our best practices and core functions for high-performing web solutions at an affordable price.

Premium is Novicell’s own system for creating a website with a solid fundament that your company or organisation can grow with over the years. You can choose what CMS (Content Management System) your solution is built in and, based on your requirements and needs, Novicell will give you the best advice.

Choose between Umbraco, that is based on Microsoft’s classic .NET technology, or Drupal, one of the world’s most used CMS, based on PHP technology.

Novicell is technology agnostic and made this Premium package with both CMS systems in mind, enabling you to choose a solution that best suits you. Whether you choose Drupal or Umbraco as a CMS, you will get the same functions in your web solution. 

Good editor experience with
Novicell Premium

Watch this video showing how we make a landing page in just 90 seconds using
a few simple elements in a Premium solution based on Umbraco


What do you get with Novicell Premium?

Multilingual foundation and multiple sites in one

Our premium solution adapts to international markets with different language needs on your landing pages. You can also build multiple sites in using just one solution for your different brands, specific campaigns or partner sites.

Flexible design that wraps your brand nicely

Premium follows a great design that adapts to your brand with colours, fonts and, of course, your content.

Get our experts included in the package

Not only is Novicell Premium a fast and affordable way to achieve a high-performing website, but it also allows you to become a customer of Novicell. This means that you will have access to our experts’ knowledge within a wide range of digital disciplines and with over 20 years' experience helping people do business online.

Try before you buy 

With Novicell Premium, you can see the design, test the user experience, try it yourself as an editor in the back office, and 'feel' the product before buying it. This way you'll know exactly what to expect.

With the new website, we’re able to showcase how our facial aesthetics treatments work and highlight our partner physicians. We also have an effective CMS supporting all our regional teams needs and much more user-friendly experience for the end-user. But, most importantly, our digital business model has turned into a true business driver.

Dave Baldwin, Head of Digital, Sinclair Pharma

Premium as a Stand-Alone Solution or as a Minimal Viable Product

1. Stand-Alone Solution

A fully-fledged web solution. Get what you need here and now, and rest assured that the solution has the potential for more if you need it. 

2. Minimal Viable Product

Secure baseline for agile projects. Hit the ground running with a solution that fulfils your basic requirements and then advance from there.

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From independent units to ecosystems

The Premium product is for organisations that want the opportunity to expand their solution when the need occurs. Even though a website can be delivered as an independent system or simply thought of as a simple online business card, it is still a good idea to choose a solution that can scale up in line with the customer base.

With the speed of digital development happening today, a lot of companies depend on IT ecosystems instead of independent units. A premium platform can be integrated into any business system, third-party services and partner services to ensure that the platform stays relevant to your business needs.

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Novicell has more than 20 years' experience helping people do business online. From digital strategy, website design and user experience, to web development, digital marketing and business intelligence, our services cover the full online commercial lifecycle.