Solid out-of-the-box e-commerce platform


E-commerce for medium-sized companies with international focus

Shopify's e-commerce platform is a flexible and cost-efficient solution, making it the obvious choice for medium-sized companies with growth ambitions abroad or those who prefer to rent into Shopify's scalable infrastructure rather than investing in their own server setup.


The Shopify platform is built with e-commerce as a core feature. This means that Shopify can act as the engine for a wide range of websites for regional markets, physical stores and marketplaces.

As a company, you can do traditional e-commerce through your own website, sell directly through marketplaces like Amazon, Wish and eBay, or sell via social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. With a wide variety of integration options, Shopify can be built into your existing business or serve as a simple first step into a new market for a larger established business.

The strength of the platform is a short time to market (TTM) on new initiatives, and it therefore supports an agile organisation with a clear digital strategy.

Shopify’s strengths

Fast performance

Infrastructure and servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services. As such, the platform scales well with the ability to pull in more server power when your business needs it.

Multiple sales channels

Many opportunities to bring your products into play on the platforms your customers already use and the stores they already frequent.

Multiple integration options

The Shopify platform can be integrated into Dynamics, Nav, SAP and many others to suit your business needs.

Analytics out of the box

The platform provides great built-in analytics tools for your business, your marketing and your customers.

Case study: Pilgrim

When Pilgrim needed to scale the business and optimise the existing online shop, the global jewellery brand chose to build a brand-new website.

To do that, Pilgrim chose Novicell as partner for design, front end, backend, operation and online marketing. The starting point for the collaboration was Pilgrim's business, and a scalable solution was one of the aims from the start.

With six languages, national campaigns, different currencies and terms and conditions, the solution best fit a Shopify platform with integrations well-suited to a commerce site like Pilgrim’s.

Read the Pilgrim case study.

An agile tool with the right digital partner

For some smaller businesses, Shopify can cover the entire e-commerce need. The platform is often an add-on to larger companies with an e-commerce setup that allows new market initiatives to be moved quickly. This can be entering of a new market, product area or brand, or direct sales through marketplaces or social media.

With Novicell as a partner, you get both the business support and the technical skills to lift your business with digital solutions like Shopify. Being technology independent, we can provide strategic, impartial business advice and help you to choose the right solution for your business.

Novicell has delivered integrations across various systems for many years and with Shopify this is no exception. We have made integrations to Shopify from ERP systems such as Navision and AX, as well as integrations for PIM systems, recommendation tools and much more.

In Shopify, you have the opportunity to install apps that can offer many options in the shop. There are also apps that can be used to integrate between different systems, but when the business reaches a certain size, it is often necessary to create a tailor-made integration that does exactly what you need – this is where we can help.

Case study: Becksöndergaard

Recently, Becksöndergaard chose to create a brand-new online shop. E-commerce is an important direct sales channel to end users, but one of many, as Becksöndergaard also sells its products through retailer stores such as Zalando and through physical shop-in-shops.

The new Shopify e-commerce solution is designed in a way that can support sales across all channels. An important tool here is the maintenance and creation of products that are part of the e-commerce solution.

Read the Becksöndergaard case study.

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