Get unstuck from Legacy Sitecore version

Renew your tech landscape and generate new opportunities 

An outdated Sitecore solution can result in lost opportunity and vulnerability

Security holes

No security or compliance patches, bug fixing or support available from Sitecore. The risk of security gaps, crashes and downtime increases and is hard to contain.

Increased costs

Keeping legacies technologies and codes adds to the complexity and cost of maintenance. Old infrastructures are expensive and do not fit in the current cloud world.

Staying behind

New tech drives new functionality and opportunity according to our market. Staying behind means losing opportunities, dealing with frustrating platforms and being behind competitors.

Decreased productivity

Time to market matter and is tied up with productivity. Consider the cost of employee time spent fixing legacy tech and making it work rather than drive new values.

Should we upgrade or renew our tech?

There is no easy, right, or wrong answer. It all depends on your context, expectations, and resources.

The key is to analyse and prepare the field, focusing on your business goals and values.

Optimise cost

High performance



Best experiences


"Lift and shift" solution

Cloud and scalable

Secure and supported

We will help you through the process

Our unstuck from legacy Sitecore program has been designed to support you in the renovation analysis process.

Our accumulated experiences and involvements in so many cases led us to model a step-by-step procedure to ensure the right direction and the best decision.

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Work modules step by step

As-is assessment 

Understand where you are and where to go

Analyse the current status, clarity expectations and business goals related to the platform renovation.

To-be design

Solution shape and architecture

Deep dive on the solution design and architecture from the as-is insight and established business goal.

Process & specification​

How-to and resources

Outline the steps to follow in the implementation and define how the technical solution must be implemented​.

Estimate & roadmap

Your investment and timeframe

Overview of the solution implementation estimation, cost, and timeline.

Your benefits


Insurance of the renovation investment and success.


A suitable, modern, and real solution matching the objectives and scale.


Knowing where to start and how to do it is half of the job.


New opportunities and business values driven by tech.

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