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Novicell agency in London is certified Umbraco Gold development Partners

Novicell is a certified Umbraco Gold development Partner located in London UK. We have 21 years of experience, and this might also be the reason why we can count Umbraco as one of our own customers. In 2017 Umbraco wanted to upgrade its existing website and, together with Novicell, the company developed a new solution.

Novicell's development resources are very flexible and their web developers worked in-house with us during this period. The close communication added great transparency to the project and undoubtedly speeded up the process. the website went live just 2 months after the first meeting.

Martin Wülser Larsen, Online Communication Manager at Umbraco

Award–winning Umbraco solutions

Novicell has made award–winning Umbraco solutions among others to Umbraco communities yearly Codegarden Conference where Novicell won the price for best integration on the website The best integration solution was due to an intelligent integration with SAP and a 100% customised E-commerce solution, that was custom-made for Power’s needs.

The solution was built to handle up to 20 times more traffic than Power’s current CMS. Power demanded that the website should be able to handle a lot of traffic because they expected a high traffic volume under big sales such as Black Friday.

Novicell are a proud Umbraco Gold Partner and an Umbraco agency

For our clients this means:

Better and faster service. As Umbraco Gold Partners we have access to a direct line of support and advising for all our projects.

Unlimited access to all productivity boosting add-ons offered by Umbraco, helping our developers to work as efficiently as possible. 

We have a bug fix warranty with Umbraco

Why Umbraco?

Umbraco Cloud gives flexibility

Content flows ensure parallel development of code and content, and all parties work in the same hosting environment.


The data is loaded directly on to the site, providing an excellent user experience with a much faster website.

Default package saves time

Developing began with Novicell's best practice from previous development projects.

Why choose Novicell as your Umbraco Agency partner?

  • We have a team of 50 Umbraco developers with in-depth knowledge of the Umbraco CMS.
  • We are an active part of the Umbraco Community, so we are in-tune with current trends and constantly learning.
  • We ensure that our customers are with us all the way. During the project management phase, this means that you are regularly presented with tests and statuses, so that adjustments can be made along the way.
  • We provide thorough training in the system. It's a really user-friendly CMS.

What is Umbraco?

Many of Novicell's new solutions are built on the Umbraco CMS. Umbraco is open an open source CMS that best meet our requirements for functionality, quality, and scalability. Novicell is an Umbraco Agency, we are not like other Umbraco agencies, we are completely transparent with the way we work and try our best to be technology agnostic.

There are over 250,000 active Umbraco website solutions worldwide, and the list of clients includes major international companies such as Heinz, Vogue andPeugeot. Safe to say you are in good company with the Danish developed Umbraco CMS.

Novicell has developed over 200 Umbraco solutions, including Umbraco's own website. This means that we do not start from scratch every time. Instead we recycle everything we can just to make the process shorter - not to mention better.

Already using Umbraco and need a check-up?

As an Umbraco agency we offer an Umbraco Health Check. We help you identify challenges and opportunities within your Umbraco platform which ensures that you're making the most out of your platform's full potential. 

Read more about Umbraco Health Check

A standard Umbraco development project at our Umbraco agency in London

Stage 1: Client meeting

The first step in any Umbraco development project is to have a client meeting. In the client meeting, Novicell will like to understand the client’s expectations, wishes and needs in relation to the Umbraco project.

Stage 2: Workshop

In the second stage, a workshop will be held. The main goal of the workshop for Novicell is to understand the client’s objectives in relation to the project and getting an understanding of the client’s competitors & stakeholders.

Stage 3: Wireframes

After the two first steps, Novicell has an understanding of how the client wants their Umbraco website to be designed and function. Novicell will then perform a graphical view of how the final website will look like.

If the client agrees to this design & structure of the website the project can continue. If not, Novicell & the client will have a new talk about how the client would like the design & structure on their Umbraco website. Then Novicell will make a new sketch for the client that hopefully are closer to the client’s expectations.

Stage 4: Graphics & Design

When the client has agreed to the sketch in stage 3, Novicell will start making the graphics & design of, normally, the front page plus a category page.

These 2 pages will then be shown to the client on a desktop device and mobile device, so the client can get a feeling of how the design is going to look like. The client might have some last additions and Novicell knows on basis of this how the rest of the pages on the website should look like.

In this stage, the design department also checks with the software development department if the design works in their technic.

Stage 5: Design approval with client

The client approves or disapproves the design.

Stage 6: Development phase

This step is twofold.

The step is two-fold because Umbraco has developed a new product; Umbraco Premium.

  1. Traditional Umbraco CMS

    Traditionally when checking that the installation of both backend & frontend works simultaneously we will first make the design and then change the design to HTML. This code will then be put into the CMS system and from there you will rebuild and reconstruct in the current CMS.

    This is slightly different in Umbraco Premium.

  2. New Umbraco Premium

In Umbraco Premium the design is already made, so here you can rebuild & reconstruct directly in the CMS.

The specific process of the development phase always depends on the individual solution and the features and/or needs that the client might how to the final solution.

Stage 7: Guidance / Course / Workshop

The website is now built.

In this stage, Novicell will guide the client in their new Umbraco website so they know how to navigate both in the content editor and on the website.

The client might as well have questions to the website, that needs to be answered.

Novicell provides separate workshops for different user-groups of the website to ensure that every user-group knows and understand how to use their new Umbraco CMS optimally.

Depending on the client’s needs, Novicell provides the client’s content writers to work 1 or 2 days at Novicell, so they have easy access to guidance in the process.

Stage 8: Staging Site

The staging site can both be used before and after the website has gone live.

Before the website goes live

The staging environment can be used as a local database where you can store your content, so the content is ready when the website goes live.

The staging site will normally be where the training session will take place.

After the website has gone live:

When the website is live, the staging site is used by Novicell to try out new features or functionalities of the solution. Often the client will need to accept the change before the change is going live on the website, and therefore the change will first be made in the staging site and then it can be added to the live website when the client has given her/his accept. 

Stage 9: Measurement and health – check

In this stage, Novicell makes sure that the new Umbraco website is performing optimally.

This stage includes among other measuring pagespeed and performing a SEO health – check to make sure that old pages are redirected correctly to the new website.

Stage 10: Website goes live

The website is ready to go live.

Stage 11: Operating phase

A long phase of operation & service where Novicell, depending on what is agreed, is taking care off and maintaining the website. Novicell provides also further development of the website to ensure that the website performs optimally. 

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