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Novicell is an Umbraco Agency, but we are not like other Umbraco agencies. Novicell is the world's largest Umbraco development house – nothing less. We are technology agnostic and completely transparent about the way we work, and we know the platform down to the last detail. We can advise if Umbraco is suitable for you and guide you in choosing a technology that suits your business goals.

We have developed over 200 Umbraco solutions, so we don't start over every time. Instead, we reuse everything we can to make the process shorter – and, not least, better. It all benefits our clients, whether it is user-friendly B2B websites, converting web shops or brand websites etc.

As an Umbraco Agency, we run regular webinars designed to teach you how to optimise your digital strategy using Umbraco solutions. All of our webinars are free to join and Novicell's own Umbraco experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Click here to find out more.

A CMS with customers of all sizes

There is more than 500,000 Umbraco solutions spread all over the world. It is an open-source CMS built on a solid .NET platform that best meets our requirements for functionality, quality, and scalability. The latest version is Umbraco 8 that comes with new beneficial features, cleaned up codebase and improved performance and stability.

No licensing costs

User-friendly content editing and no design limitations

Good integration with business systems

Possibility of purchasing pre-tested modules and packages

Why choose Novicell as your Umbraco partner?


Umbraco Gold Development Partner

  • This means better and faster service for our clients.
  • As Umbraco Gold Partners we have access to a direct line of support and advice for all our projects.
  • Unlimited access to all productivity-boosting add-ons offered by Umbraco, helping our developers work as efficiently as possible.
  • A bug fix warranty with Umbraco.

Umbraco Cloud Powerhouse

  • An acknowledgement of Novicell’s Umbraco expertise from Umbraco itself
  • It guarantees our customers that Novicell will deliver an effective solution on the platform.
  • The status gives Novicell and, more importantly, our customer a number of benefits.
  • Exclusive access to Cloud Counselling from Umbraco on new Umbraco Cloud projects.

Umbraco Contributing Gold Partner

  • It is a initiative by Umbraco to highlight the Gold Partners that go the extra mile for Umbraco and the community.




Umbraco MVP's

  • Every year, Umbraco awards the title of Most Valuable People (MVP) to people who actively contribute to the international Umbraco community.
  • We have several MVPs in Novicell.

The best design - The Metro & Copenhagen's Railroad

  • The jury emphasised a "purpose-driven design" and a great "end-to-end" solution.
  • The Metro was to accommodate communications that have changed in three very different phases of the project. At the same time, they wanted a strict alignment between what users encounter in trains and on platforms, and what users experience digitally.
  • The site should be visually appealing and at the same time as simple to use as possible.

The Best Integration -

  • The best integration solution was due to an intelligent integration with SAP and a 100% custom-made e-commerce solution for Power’s needs.
  • The solution was built to handle up to 20 times more traffic than Power’s current CMS.
  • Power stated that the website needed to handle a lot of traffic because they expect a high volume on big sales days such as Black Friday.

Close partnership with Umbraco

  • Novicell is an active part of the Umbraco Community, so we are in-tune with current trends and we are constantly learning.
  • We ensure that our customers are with us from the start. This means that you are regularly presented with tests and statuses so that adjustments can be made along the way.
  • We provide thorough training in this user-friendly CMS.
  • We have a long-standing partnership with Umbraco HQ and participate in their annual events, such as Codegarden.


We built Umbraco's own website

Novicell's development resources are very flexible and their web developers worked in-house with us during this period. The close communication added great transparency to the project and undoubtedly speeded up the process. The website went live just two months after the first meeting.

Martin Wülser Larsen, Online Communication Manager at Umbraco

How to get started with Umbraco

Can Novicell take over my Umbraco solution?

Yes, we have taken over and developed many Umbraco solutions both from other agencies and from companies that would outsource the operation of their solution. One of the strengths of the platform is that one is not tied to a specific supplier so, if necessary, it is possible to switch development partners.

Supplier independence with Open Source platform

With an open source system, you can easily change the development house if you wish. In addition, the .NET technology behind Umbraco is widely used, so there are many developers and development houses to choose from if you want to move the solution in-house or to another supplier.

Where do I buy an Umbraco website?

You do that with us. Novicell provides Umbraco solutions of all sizes, but we will always start with an initial dialogue on business needs and a strategic explanation of what the platform should be able to do before we look at what technology the platform should be built on.

Want to see a standard Umbraco project at Novicell?

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The Novicell approach to scoping a digital project

When making digital solutions for our clients, we go through a well-planned, standard process from research, planning and scoping all the way through to designing, developing and launching.

Read more about the process of scoping a digital project with examples from one of our recent  website development  projects with  the  investment management company  and our client,  7IM.

Novicell Premium

Premium is Novicell’s method for delivering a website with a solid fundament that your company or organisation can grow with over the years. You can choose what CMS your solution is built in and, based on your requirements and needs, Novicell will give you the best advice. Read more about Novicell Premium here.

Does your Umbraco platform need a Health Check?

As an Umbraco agency, we offer an Umbraco Performance Health Check. We help you identify challenges and opportunities within your Umbraco platform which ensures that you're making the most out of your platform's full potential. 

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Our webinars are designed to teach you how to optimise your digital strategy using Umbraco solutions. All of our webinars are free to join and Novicell's own Umbraco experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

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