Umbraco 8

New features and why you might need to migrate


Highlights of the new Umbraco 8

Umbraco has released version 8 of their Content Management System (CMS). This major Umbraco release is focusing on making things simpler. That is why the release comes with three new beneficial features, a new look, cleaned up codebase and improved performance and stability.

Umbraco 8 highlights include three new features:

1. Content Apps

2. Infinite Editing

3. Language Variants

These features have been added to provide a simpler and smoother experience for the users.

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Three new features in Umbraco 8

Content Apps

Create better content and save time with Umbraco 8

Umbraco 8 gives you a way to evaluate, measure and improve your content with the introduction of Content Apps. Content Apps gives you access to checklists, insights and tips about your website content, so you can evaluate and offer better content to your website visitors.

You can use Content Apps to give editors access to the data in the backoffice like: popularity of the last blog post, number of content downloads, whether the right keywords were used in the copy, and if your content is user-friendly.

Content Apps is not a direct part of the editing experience; it is meant to be a companion to your existing editing experience. Now, you don’t have to visit external platforms or checklists to get insights into how to improve your content.

Infinite Editing

Smooth workflows in Umbraco 8

Infinite Editing is a new editing feature for Umbraco 8. This built-in customisable feature enables you to create smooth workflows that support natural and frictionless editing flows of content editors, customers and developers.

This means that even if your content and your document types are in different sections of the Umbraco backoffice, you can make changes directly in the content you are editing.

You no longer have to switch between different sections.


Language Variants

Easy management of multilingual content in Umbraco 8

Language Variants is a built-in support for multilingual content in Umbraco and makes it possible for all your content to exist in multiple variations at the same time.

  • Switch languages in preview mode: You can now see how your site looks in one language compared to the same site in another language.
  • Edit two different pieces of content at the same time: Translate your page from one language to another directly in the backoffice with side-by-side mode.
  • Mandatory languages: Content for all the mandatory languages must be in place before you can publish the page.
  • Control over publishing content on selected pages: Only publish the content on the pages of the countries where the product is launched and keep it hidden from the countries where the product is not available yet.


Should you migrate to the latest version? 

There are multiple benefits to upgrading to Umbraco 8, especially in regards to editing features for multilingual websites. There is also improvement in site speed and shelf life.

While Umbraco 7 will continue to be patched for bug fixes and security reasons until 30 September 2023, no new features will be developed for Umbraco 7.

On the other hand, if you are using a lot of extensions and packages that are critical to the functionality of your site and they have not yet been ported to version 8, then you should hold off migrating for now.

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