Umbraco Performance Health Check

Designed to identify challenges and opportunities within your Umbraco platform


Umbraco Performance Health Check overview

Umbraco solutions are known for being user-friendly, having no design limitations and packed with useful integrations to business systems. But just as with any other CMS, you can’t expect it to keep performing if you don’t do a regular health check.

A Performance Health Check is a run through and evaluation of your Umbraco website’s source code, implementation and speed to make sure you have the best prerequisites for a high performing website.

Whether you’re new to Umbraco, or you simply don’t have the time to do Umbraco training, we can help with a review of your Umbraco platform.

We will provide you a free, detailed audit performed by one of our experienced consultants to help you tune and optimise your site.

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What does an Umbraco Performance Health Check cover?

Platform robustness

We review the underlying architecture and ensure you have the best setup that matches your business's current needs.

  • Umbraco upgrades
  • Server setup
  • GDPR
  • Module integrations


Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and your website needs to be up to date with these to rank higher and get more search traffic. Among other things, this entails: 

  • Correct semantic HTML
  • Correct usage of meta tags
  • Sitemap generation

Other steps to be investigated

  • Umbraco implementation check – validate whether the Umbraco implementation follows best practices.
  • Infrastructure check – check that monitoring and logging mechanisms in place.
  • Application architecture check – analyse the structure and complexity of the overall application.

Performance and accessibility

Validate whether the HTML, JavaScript and CSS code of the website is concise and well-structured for maximum performance and ease of maintenance.

  • Speed test and insights
  • Design assessment
  • Caching improvements
  • Sitemap cleanup

Back office editor experience

Make sure to validate whether the editorial experience is optimal:

  • Do the site structure, editor views and UI components match the editorial tasks?
  • Does node tree navigation and content editing feel responsive and perform well?

Guide to Umbraco Health Check

If you want to review your Umbraco site, here is a full guide to what you should be looking at when performing a Umbraco Performance Health Check:


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What happens after you book your free Umbraco Performance Health Check?

Shortly after requesting a free health check, one of experienced consultants will be in touch. When the audit is done, you will receive a report of your Umbraco website and suggestions for actions to improve performance.

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