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Optimise the customer journey and user experience

Customer experiences in the new digital reality

The new digital reality has revolutionised the way in which businesses interact with customers and vice versa. Consumer habits have undergone a permanent shift in favour of digital technologies, allowing only the most digitally-able businesses to survive.

Increasing digitisation means that you can no longer consider your customers solely in terms of the transactions they make. The new, digitally conscious customer expects instantaneous information at their fingertips and measures their satisfaction relative to the quality of digital experiences that your business provides. 

Novicell can help your company to optimise your customer experiences in the digital space, leaving you to exploit your full potential in the new digital reality. We are a digital-first agency that works in close collaboration with you to deliver unparalleled customer experiences. 

Human-centric approach to digital interaction

Our approach is simple: human-centric down to the core. We encourage businesses to focus on customers over transactions, and to adopt user-centric design models. This means using the customer journey and user insights as the focal point of your company's activities.

What is the customer journey?

The customer journey documents the full sum of interactions that customers make with your company. They are cognitive touch points that outline the complete spectrum of user-thinking. Our customer experience consultants are accomplished in mapping each and every step that the customer takes, from awareness to retention and beyond. 

Here at Novicell, we help to keep users on your site, divert their attention to other parts of the site once they've got what they came for, and once they've left, keep them coming back. We will always consider the full experience of being a customer, leaving no stages untouched. 

We optimise customer journeys through data-driven insights

User Experience (UX) Audits

We review metric page-experience measures such as interactivity, loading performance, visual stability, mobile-friendliness, security and presence of intrusive interstitials.

Content Audits

We systematically analyse your website content to ensure you are delivering the right content and features to your users, in the right way and in an expected or easy-to-find place. 

Touchpoint Mapping

We review each interaction customers have with your company, regardless of media or channel, from awareness through to usage and loyalty, and provide in-depth recommendations.

Combining creativity with data insights

We conduct specific user research and analysis, including competitors' digital estates, to create data-driven user stories and personas that build a holistic picture of your different users, their individual needs and goals. We'll analyse the data, then conduct a range of interviews and questionnaires to collect further information around user-aspects not easily assessed via data alone. 

Designing your future customer journey

The better your user experience, the better your business. We'll compile all insights gained from our research and analysis, then run processes to highlight common areas of frustration, and where there may be an opportunity to delight the customer and begin their conversion to a brand-loyal customer. 

We perform scenario testing to run a series of user scenarios, applying the results to plot new scenarios that better meet your user's criteria and success points. We go beyond what any of your competitors are doing. This means doing some things a little differently, but definitely doesn't have to involve risk. 


We provide expertise in key aspects of UX design


Content and Feature Focus 

We'll provide a summary of required content and features for delivering the best user experiences. Our team will advise that all misleading, duplicated, or unnecessary content is removed, moved, or rewritten, structured or sign-posted


Structure and Layout

With a clear understanding of your business needs, your users and their needs, and the content that will be provided to support them, we provide the architecture, structures and layouts that will deliver them most effectively.


Creative Concepts and User Interface Design

Using interactive visual prototypes, we test user-interactions thoroughly in advance of development. We create interfaces that deliver bespoke functions in a way that is intuitive to users on their chosen device. Our interface designs are always user-centric, easy to use and pleasurable. 

Looks and Styling

Our design focus is on looks and style, as much as usability. We provide expertise in: 

  • Typography
  • Use of colour
  • Graphic styles, illustration and iconography
  • Photography and imagery
  • Video and animations

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