Web accessibility tools

Useful tools

There are a wide range of digital tools that can help with web accessibility – whether you work in development, content or design. We have gathered the best here, however you should be aware that the automated tools for checking WCAG compliance only find approximately 30% of the challenges with accessibility on your site. Therefore, the automated tools should always be supplemented with a qualitative and structured review.

Siteimprove Accessibility Checker

A simple plugin for Chrome. Position yourself on the page you want to check and click on the icon in your toolbar. You get an overview of the problems with web accessibility that the tool has detected, divided into tasks for editor, webmaster, designer and developer respectively.


Chrome browser extension that is easy to install and allows you to try screen reading on your site quickly and easily.

The A11 Project

A user-driven community where you will find lots of practical guides and articles and tips for testing content.

Contrast Checker

With Contrast Checker you can easily test the contrast ratio between background and foreground colour on your website.

Color Contrast Analyzer

Color Contrast Analyzer (CCA) helps you determine the readability of text and the contrast of visual elements such as graphical and visual indicators.


Plugin for Chrome which consists of the tools Lens and TabTracker. Lens is a visual simulator that allows you to experience your website as if you were blind or partially blind. With TabTracker you can test whether your website's navigation can be accessed using keyboard only.

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

A number of tools that help you evaluate the accessibility of your site and gives you a visual overview of the areas of your site that are not accessible.


Easily add subtitles to your videos via YouTube.

Acrobat Pro

The Acrobat tool makes it easy to create accessible PDFs and check the availability of existing PDFs.

Color safe

Find available colour palettes based on WCAG text and background contrast guidelines.

Link contrast checker

Check if there is a correct contrast ratio between link colour and font colour with this tool.

If you want to know more about web accessibility and how to comply with the legislation on the WCAG principles, please contact me.