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Front end Developer 

Seeking a front end developer for the team in London

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Do you have a great passion for front end technology? Can you develop modern websites and applications with Javascript, maybe Angular? And not least - do you want to be part of a business growing with over 230 good and diligent employees?

Part of the team

Novicell helps companies find their development potential digitally. We call it "business online" regardless of which of Novicell's five business areas it is.

Technical skills

It is important that you already have work experience in front end development and maintenance of CMS solutions. We, therefore, imagine that:

  • You have in-depth practical experience with JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • You have experience with CSS pre-compilers, we use LESS
  • You are familiar with CSS architecture patterns; we use BEM
  • You are familiar with Angular and may even have practical experience
  • You may have experience with Umbraco, Drupal or other CMS

    Your profile

    Your experience with and passion for front end is much more crucial than your education. However, we emphasise that you have the courage to develop your skills further and acquire new knowledge. We imagine that:

  • You are ambitious and keep yourself updated about trends in front end development
  • You like to nest with things, but at the same time have an understanding of working with colleagues and managing customers
  • You have an eye for good user experience
  • You have professional pride and the ability to say no to doing something wrong e.g. cheating
  • You are a self-starter, take the initiative for new tasks and finish tasks thoroughly
  • Challenging tasks

  • Architecture and development of major web solutions
  • Implementing Responsive Designs in HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Implementation of sites, primarily in Umbraco / Angular
  • Performance critical websites
  • The interface between client page and server page code


  • Novicell as a workplace

    As a company, Novicell like to ensure that their employees have a fun time. Employees are encouraged to engage in social activities together, both during and after working hours or travel to the other offices. Having a pleasant experience at work is paramount. People are driven to be creative and try new things. Novicell believes it is better to try something and fail than to not try at all.
    novicell workplace

    Do you think you are the person we're looking for?

    Feel free to contact me with your CV

    Novicell London

    8 Devonshire Square
    EC2M 4PL London
    United Kingdom

    +44 (0)20 8144 8142

    Novicell Aarhus (HQ)

    Søren Nymarks Vej 6
    8270 Højbjerg
    +45 8619 0550

    Novicell Ebeltoft

    Jernbanegade 5,1
    8400 Ebeltoft
    +45 8619 0550

    Novicell Oslo

    Ole Deviks vei 6B
    0606 Oslo
    +47 400 84 611

    Novicell Copenhagen

    Amerika Plads 19, 2. sal
    2100 København Ø
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    Novicell Barcelona

    Carrer de Pallars 84
    08018 Barcelona
    +34 932 31 53 03

    Novicell Madrid

    Calle Irun 23 1-1 & 1-2
    28008 Madrid
    +34 932 31 53 03