Video Production

The power of video content

Video is an incredibly powerful medium that makes it easier than ever to evoke and forge human connections at scale. So much so, it is predicted that 80% of online content will be video content by 2022. Everyone is creating it, sharing it and most importantly, watching it. From teens on TikTok to brands creating multi-million dollar video advertisements, video is truly everywhere. 

Novicell can help your company to optimise your video content and production, leaving you to exploit your full potential in the online space whereby video is king. We are a digital-first agency that works in close collaboration with you to deliver first-rate videos that convert your customers.

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Benefit your business with video marketing

Video marketing is a digital strategy that leverages the power of video to attract, engage and convert an audience into prospects or customers. For organisations selling primarily to other businesses, B2B video marketing has emerged as incredibly effective tactic for reaching, educating and nurturing potential customers. 

Video has proven to increase traffic, engagement and conversions - but that's not all. It is a valuable content format with multiple benefits.

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Accelerate your company's revenue growth

Influence buyers with persuasive videos 

Rank higher in search engines

Boost shares on social media

Receive more opens and clicks on email sends

How can we help?

The creative team at Novicell have varied skillsets from live action video creation to animation, and are experienced in providing services in all areas of film, including pre and post-production.

We can help you to discover everything you need to know to get started with video marketing. It includes everything from determining a strategy and what types of videos to create, to deciding how to distribute and analyse your video content effectively.

Multi-award winning end-to-end film services

Whether you're considering explainer videos, webinars, video testimonials or commercial advertisements, Novicell has a wide range of film service offerings to suit you


Ideation workshops

We combine our experience of delivering award winning films and our passion for creativity to formulate the best video content.

Scripting and storyboarding

Our creative team works directly with you to develop clear and dynamic scripts with detailed visual storyboards.



Filming and footage gathering

We have experienced in-house videographers who work in studio or on location, and are able to source footage from high-quality video libraries.


Video editing

Once storyboards are agreed on and any required footage has been shot or sourced, our expert video editors, animators and sound engineers add the magic.

Delivery and multi-channel publishing 

Our team of video experts can help determine which channels are best to distribute your video content. We can also assist in video analytics to track and optimise your video performance. 


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Campaign initiative, animation video and social media campaign tracking


Ideation, script and screenplay development and post-production editing

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