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Do you want to learn tips and tricks that can help you rethink your digital strategy in a whole new situation?

We are organising webinars to give you some digital vitamins now that you work from home. Join us for 30 to 60 minutes of brain food/refuelling on different topics of digital. We are also here to answer your questions in an informal Q&A. Let us inspire you in your digital work - for free.


Intermediate guide to data

Our ‘Intermediate guide to data’ webinar is for marketers who already know the basics of website analytics using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and are keen to deepen their knowledge.

Our Head of Digital Marketing, Joseph Goodson, will teach you how to further understand the important data your website generates and the ways in which you can use it. Start mastering analytics like a pro to make smarter decisions and grow your business faster!

You will learn:

  • How to set up Google Analytics like an expert
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes
  • How to find your most lucrative customers
  • How to save money on marketing campaigns
  • How Google Analytics collects data and how to improve it

Wednesday 27 May 2020: 11:00–12.00, including Q&A

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Tips for building a high-performance e-commerce website

In recent years, many companies have been engaging a lot of their time and effort in things like personalisation and search, but they forget the fundamentals. If your e-commerce website isn’t performing, you will lose customers before you get started on all the other exciting things.

Performance is key when it comes to e-commerce websites. The benefits of a high-performance site are multiple:

  • Better SEO score and ranking
  • More organic traffic
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher customer satisfaction

However, making a high-performance e-commerce website can be time consuming, difficult and something that needs a lot of continuous improvement.

In this webinar, we will look at where to focus your efforts in order to create a high-performance e-commerce setup, providing you with the tools needed to drive efficient and optimised e-commerce.

Wednesday 3 June 2020: 11:00–12.00, including Q&A

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Time to upgrade your Sitecore solution?

In this webinar, Sitecore Teamlead, Christian Tilsted will introduce the decision matrix that Novicell uses when we advise our customers on whether it is time to upgrade their Sitecore solution.

In addition, he will share knowledge and experience gained through handling a number of Sitecore upgrades. Take 45 minutes to learn about your upgrade project plan, including:

  • Which method to choose
  • What to prepare for
  • How to avoid downtime
  • How big the task of upgrading is

This webinar is relevant for Sitecore users, Sitecore licence holders, marketers working with Sitecore, and anyone interested in using Sitecore for their business.

Thursday 4 June 2020: 11:00–11.45, including Q&A

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Marketing Automation in Sitecore – How to get fewer manual tasks

Are you spending valuable time extracting lists from Sitecore, sorting, filtering and then moving data into other systems? Would you like to learn how to save that time instead?

Sitecore's Marketing Automation tool can help you automate many of the manual processes involved in managing data from your website.

This webinar will provide examples of:

  • Collecting customer leads
  • Managing newsletter subscriptions
  • Automating customer dialogue with contact forms

The webinar is relevant for Sitecore users, Sitecore licence holders, marketers working with Sitecore, and those who are interested in spending less time on manual tasks.

Thursday 11 June 2020: 11:00–11.45, including Q&A

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5 ways to improve User Experience (UX) right now

8 in 10 people will check your business out online before engaging - are you giving the right first impression?

The first impression of your digital platform, whether it’s a website or an app, is crucial. If your design is welcoming, the navigation works, and your message connects, people are much more likely to stay and buy your products or services.

Due to the global pandemic, many businesses are experiencing quieter times. However, this means there is no better time to take a good look at UX on your platform, questioning the complete emotional experience that your users get and more.

To help you put the right wheels in motion, Freddie Green, Novicell’s Creative Director, will be talking through some things that you can start doing right now to improve how people experience your company, quickly and effectively.

In the session we will look at:

  • Why user experience is more than just part of a process
  • How to really get to know your audience and their behaviour
  • Five quick wins for great user experience
  • How to review your current systems
  • A short presentation of a site with excellent UX

Wednesday 17 June 2020: 11:00–12.00, including Q&A

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